Within the framework of a rigorous workout, the Thrive experience catalyzes change on every level, challenging your fortitude and endurance while stretching your physical and mental limits. Improved flexibility and strength along with enhanced wellbeing and vitality constitute only the surface.

From the beginning of its ancient origins, yoga served as a preparatory path for higher meditation—a way of quieting the mind and dropping awareness into the present moment. Intended as a daily training, the most daunting challenge lies with committing to your practice and yourself. Bumping up against frustrations and fears while learning to stay focused with your breath; surrendering the mind chatter of your day and discovering the language of your body—these represent the true goals of yoga. Aligning breath with movement, and awareness with the here and now, at Thrive you learn to tap the wellspring of personal power we all possess and few use.

Sanskrit meaning to yoke, yoga harmonizes masculine and feminine energy. Improvisation balances intention; control yields to spontaneity. Compassion for our limitations softens the forcefulness of discipline. Levity lightens the intensity of focus; humor eases strain. One’s sense of self becomes both fluid and firm. This choreography of opposites encompasses the demands and rewards of the Thrive experience.